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Interactive Inflatables

No power, no worries, you can rent our generator for $50 more..

No food, drinks, silly string, or gum  in our bounce house. There will be an extra $100 cleaning charge.

This wrecking ball/Jousting ring Combo is the perfect inflatable for your party (birthday,graduation, celebration, summer barbecue, etc). Want to have a little serious competition? The Inflatable Wrecking Ball is the latest in inflatable bounce-house fun! A game for up to four people at a time, contenders step from the main platform onto inflatable pedestals. Using the giant, yet soft, ball hanging from the top of the bounce-house, a player throws the wrecking ball at another player as hard as possible in attempt to knock them off their inflatable pad. Whoever grabs the wrecking ball after it hits someone gets to fling it at another player! The last person standing wins!

Inflatable Size: 20Lx20Wx14H.    Price: $400



Occupancy: 3 – 4 at a time

Max Weight/total allowed on inflatable: 700 pounds

The boxing ring is bouncing floor meant for a little competition.  Combatants take their corners in an inflatable boxing ring and come out fighting with big boxing gloves. No three knock down rule in effect here! Complete with inflatable boxing ring, big gloves and protective headgear!


Inflatable Size: 18Lx18Wx9H.    Price: $300



Occupancy: 2

Max Weight/total allowed on inflatable: 700 pounds