Water Slides and Slides

This 24' Double Bay Wet or Dry Slide is a brightly colored inflatable slide that is fun for adults and children alike! The height makes this an exciting slide at any party or event. This inflatable can be used simply as a slide while dry or you can add water to make this an entertaining wet slide when the weather turns hot. There are dual lanes so that there is no waiting to slide. The dual lanes also facilitate exciting downhill races.

Inflatable Size: 30Lx19Wx24H

Price: $650 wet/dry



Occupancy: 4

Max Weight/total allowed on inflatable: 1000 pounds

18' Double Lane Water Slide

This 18' Double Lane Water Slide is one of the most popular slides in our product line. Our 18-foot Double Lane Water Slide is known for thrills with its height and fast paced slip. Its bright colors are sure to get attention! This 18-ft unit can be used either as a water slide for hours of slipping and sliding fun on a hot day or turn off the water and it works perfectly as a dry slide. Riders can race each other side-by-side for double the fun.

Inflatable Size: 30' x 14' x 18'

Price $500 wet/dry


Occupancy: 4

Max Weight/total allowed on inflatable: 1000 pounds

This 18' Waterworks Single Bay Slide There's no better bouncing slide action than what children and adults experience on this inflatable 18 Foot Waterworks Single Bay Slide, versatile enough to be used as either a wet or dry slide attraction. Standing 18 feet tall, this bouncy water slide is guaranteed to be the center of attention and fun at any corporate picnic, backyard barbecue or outdoor summer birthday party.

Inflatable Size: 38Lx12Wx19H Price: $400 wet/dry



Occupancy: 2

Max Weight/total allowed on inflatable: 500 pounds

Rock Climb Wall, climbers will be exited on the other side allowing other riders free entrance to climb up the slide. 

Inflatable Size: 30Lx12Wx15H.    

Price: $300


Occupancy: 1-2

Max Weight/total allowed on inflatable: 400 pounds

This bouncy rainbow slip and slide is an exciting water slide. Each rider gets a running start and slides horizontally down the wet and wild slip and slide.


Whether your organization is featuring a free play or pay-to-play session, the slip and slide is sure to be in constant use and will provide a healthy release for youthful energy. Inflatable play structures provide a great opportunity for children and adults to engage in active play. Participants have so much fun, they don't even think of it as exercise. 

Inflatable Size: 30Lx8Wx9H.  

Price: $250 


Occupancy: 1 at a time

Weight Max: 300 pounds